Millennium High School Softball

2020 Team Handbook


Welcome to Millennium High School Tiger Softball.  The following information will briefly outline the philosophy and structure of the Tiger Softball program.  It will explain the requirements/rules and expectations of our players and parents.


We are a program founded on 3 H’s”: Heart (Involves Commitment & Grit) , Hustle (Hard Work) , Humble (Integrity, Character & Serving)

We are a program that values Character & building leaders. Therefore, we will learn how to lead by example in:

  • Serving – Our teammates, community, classmates, and school.
  • Working Hard – in the classroom, on the field, off the field (making great decisions), within our team (making each other better & accountable)

Our players will be provided a safe learning environment where they can take risks, learn, and grow in the game of softball.  Through game-like drills, our players will advance in skill development and learn strategies to implement in specific situations of play.  Each player will have the opportunity to learn ALL aspects/skills of the game. Being a versatile player is key, as you never know when a certain skill set is required.

Our team will strive and train for a synergistic mindset; where we are greater as a whole (team) than we are as parts (individuals).  In the process of developing this mindset, through positive reinforcement and goal setting, our girls will become better leaders, team members, and communicators on the field. These skills are useful both on the field and in the athletes everyday lives.  The outcome will produce a T.E.A.M., where Together Everyone Achieves More!

The ultimate goal, however, is to bring out the best of our student athletes both on and off the field. High standards are expected in the classroom, on the softball field, and in the community.  As coaches, we need to be held to the same standards, if not higher, and model integrity, character, and transparency in order to develop these behaviors in our student athletes.

Program/District Requirements:

  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA or better in your classes.
  • Uphold the athletic code of conduct, district/school policies and expectations given by the MHS softball program. See school and athletic handbook for more details. Extreme or repeat offences to any of these rules and policies could result in suspensions from matches or possible dismissal from the team.
  • Any student athlete in possession of an illegal substance such as alcohol, tobacco or drugs will be suspended from the team.
  • Make a personal commitment to your teammates and program by attending all practices and team functions. Your commitment to this team is crucial, and should supersede in any conflicts that may arise with club sports, or extracurricular activities.
  • Refrain from posting negative pictures, comments, or connotations on ANY social media about anyone, including yourself. This includes texts/posts that you think are private.  Students screenshot everything. You can’t control what you send electronically. It could be there forever! *Everything is noted! * Don’t do anything that could bring embarrassment to you or will disrupt the development of the Lady Tiger Softball Program
  • Be responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the softball equipment; uniforms, screens, tees, balls, etc…
  • Be model citizens inside and outside of our school. Your behavior off the field is as much of a reflection on our team as being on the field.
  • You are a team and are unified in purpose and presence. (socks, visors, warm ups, etc…)
  • Participation fee must be paid prior to our first match or you will NOT play.



Our district adheres to eligibility rules.  Grades are pulled every marking period in the athletic office, and your coach has access to your classroom performance 24/7.  Your classroom efforts come before your sport. The athletic office will determine whether you are eligible each marking period.  You need to actively monitor your grades.  If deemed ineligible, you will sit out of all games for a minimum of 1 week, then until passing.  If you are passing after 1 week, you can play, if not…you remain ineligible until passing.

If for any reason you become ineligible, or your classroom academics are of a concern; your coach may require you to attend tutoring sessions until the grade has improved.  Poor grades could also affect playing time.

Stay on top of your class work.  Go to the office hours of teachers whose class(es) you are struggling in.  If you have a C in a class, you need to go in during your Power Hour to see how you can improve your grade.  Don’t let your grades slip due to poor time management. You are ultimately responsible for your grade, no one else.



  • All athletes must be cleared PRIOR to tryouts through the registermyathlete.com website.  Coaches cannot collect the forms.
  • Tryout sessions are CLOSED. Only the athletes and coaches will be on the field.
  • There will be 3 teams (Freshmen, JV & Varsity).  Your grade does not determine which team you make, other than the freshman team can only have 9th graders.
  • All players are evaluated and considered for each team based on their level of softball skills in each of the various positions needed for the team. (Outfield, Infield, Catcher, Pitcher, Designated Hitter, Pinch Runner,etc…)
  • Seniors are only eligible to make the varsity team.  Juniors can make the JV team if the athlete is deemed as having a chance of contributing to the varsity team the following year.
  • Tryouts are scheduled every year because no position is permanent from season to season.  If you were on a team last year (even varsity), there is no guarantee you will play on a team this year.  If you played a specific position last year, there is no guarantee you will play that position this year. We believe the best Millennium players/athletes should represent our teams, and team representation can change from season to season, as the mix of individuals change and the level of play for each athlete can also change in the off season.
  • The number of players that will represent each team may vary from team to team and year to year.  This is a decision that the entire softball staff makes based on a variety of circumstances. Typically, the teams will consist of 12 players, +/- 1 or 2.


  • See practice & game calendar for specific events.
    • Varsity practices are currently slated for Monday-Friday from 4:30-6:00pm on the varsity field.
    • JV team will practice Monday-Friday on the Varsity field from 2:45-4:30
    • Freshman team will practice Monday-Friday on the Freshman field from 2:45-4:30
  • Attendance is REQUIRED. Excused absences are very serious in nature, like a serious illness or family matters.  If you are too sick to practice, you are too sick to be in school. If you need to miss practice YOU (the athlete) MUST notify your coach ASAP prior to practice in order for it to be “excused.”  One unexcused practice will result in you missing the next game.  Two unexcused absences could result in removal from the team.  Tardiness will not be tolerated.  This means you must be dressed (cleats/glove or bat in hand, etc), taped and ready to play at coaches designated starting time.  If not, there will be immediate consequences that could limit play time, such as sitting out an inning or an entire game.
  • Please try to plan all family vacations, outings, and doctor’s appointments around scheduled practice times. Vacations, although important, shouldn’t impact scheduled practices or games.
  • Practice is the time for a player to advance their playing time week to week by working hard, exhibiting a great attitude and outcompeting other players in their position.

Game day:


  • EVERY ONE is responsible for picking up trash left on the field on both sides of the dugouts, raking the field, putting away the bases/equipment, and sweeping the dugouts.


  • Per district policy, busses are mandatory for all teams at all times. (to/from) (extenuating circumstances must be addressed with the AD at least 24 hours prior to the game).
  • Riding the bus to/from games provides opportunities for coaches/players to discuss the upcoming or completed match
  • Be at the bus loading area 15 minutes prior to departure. If you are not there, the bus will leave without you.
  • When riding the bus to a game, players will sit quietly with their teammates. No screaming or goofing around.   You should be mentally preparing for your match. Cell phone use should be limited to contact with parents only.  Use this bus time to communicate with the people around you, your team. You can communicate with your friends later.
  • We will leave the bus cleaner than the way we entered it, and obey all rules set forth by the bus driver.

Playing time:

  • Playing time is NOT a topic for discussion. It is at the coaches’ discretion who will be on the floor.  If there are concerns on how to increase playing time, that is a conversation between the PLAYER and coach, before or after practice NEVER during matches.
  • In all levels of our program it is our intention as coaches to allow all players to participate during a match. There is NOT equal playing time; as some players have earned more time on the field than others.
  • At the varsity level, the goal is to produce a win with the people who can best help the team do that. Sometimes that requires changing personal, sometimes it does not; however, there are circumstances, which often times are not identifiable to spectators and parents, which warrant limited subbing or no subbing, or players playing as a pinch or courtesy runner. There may be times where some players will not be able to play in a game.
  • Your role on your high school team may not be the same as your club team. We aren’t your club team.  We will make our line-ups, substitutions, and game decisions based on what is best for the TEAM. We are putting people on the field, in positions that we feel best serves the interest of the team.


  • Always make eye contact when coaches are speaking with you (Confidence!), and of course confirm with “yes, Coach,” never with “I know.”  If you have a question or need clarity about something, ask! We are here to help you be successful.
    • This Standard overflows to teachers and any other adult that you speak to or is speaking to you. We will address them with “Yes, Sir” or “Yes, Ma’am.”
  • We are not asking you to be best friends with your team, but we do expect that you are the best teammates to each other.
  • Set the tone when you step on the field, HUSTLE at all times
  • Respect your opponents. No taunting of opponents is allowed.
  • At no time is profanity or back talk acceptable in our program.
  • Any player who is not able to participate due to an injury is expected to attend both practice and games unless otherwise excused by the coach.
  • Respect the umpires. Never question a call or respond in a disrespectful fashion.  Any concerns or questions will be from the coaches only.
  • Be mentally & physically prepared. This means get to bed early and eat breakfast, lunch and a pre game snack.
  • You represent Millennium softball, the school, your parents and yourself. Make good decisions.  You are a role model whether you like it or not. Kids look up to you and you influence them whether you like it or not, in a positive or negative way.  Choose positive!


  • Your most important job is to support and encourage your daughter, her teammates, and her coaches, in public and at home. Tearing other players or coaches down to make your daughter, or yourself feel “better” is toxic.  It causes resentment and unnecessary drama. Please refrain.
  • Let the players play, and the coach’s coach. All too often parents are “coaching” their daughter from the stands to do something that isn’t in line with the given game strategy.  Players not adhering to game strategy will most likely be subbed out.
  • You may not agree with the role your daughter is playing on the team, but diligent care and tough decision making has been deliberated, on where and how your daughter contributes to our team’s success. So many factors are considered, and most are not evident to parents, when we set up a lineup or determine where on the field the players fit best.
  • Also, please refrain from yelling at the umpires. They are at work and are doing what they see is best.  We won’t always agree with them, but sometimes that is how it goes. We will be asking parents to leave if these behaviors are exhibited.
  • Please be on time when dropping off/picking up your daughters from practices and games.
  • If you feel the need to address a concern with a coach, after your daughter has spoken with her coach, please make sure you make arrangements to speak with us at a time convenient for the both of us, not during times we are supervising students. There will always be 2 coaches present during parent meetings. We will NOT meet to discuss playing time, position played, etc… and we will NOT meet without your daughter being in attendance.

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